Txaná Experience

The Txaná experience is an ancestral sensory experience where for 7 days our singing and music are awakened.
The tribe’s relationship with the spiritual is completely linked to phonemes, words, timbres and rhythm. In this retreat, you’re introduced to the spirit of music.
This experience is a form of unlocking and perfecting, related to the musical phenomenon within us. This hidden reality is musicality, like the frequencies and the rhythm, the things latent to our reality, the disconnection we have with pure music, the disconnection to the children of nature and the rhythm that lives inside us are all great causes of illnesses. They are a physical, psychic and/or spiritual problem.
Reconnection is a way of meeting a song, a primordial song, a song that unite us to the whole creation.

All sacred plants are used in this ritual:
Snack, Sananga, Nixipae (ayahuasca), smoking plants, teas, medicinal herbs, diet food with the main food of the region, prayers and songs for a student or adept initiation.
An experience of 7 days.


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